Citystay Serviced Apartments Sustainability Statement

At Citystay, we recognise the critical importance of sustainability in today’s world. As we embark on our journey towards a more sustainable future, we are committed to transparency, accountability, and environmental stewardship. We are pleased to share our commitment to sustainability, even as we are in the initial stages of gathering data to produce our first company sustainability report.
Sustainability is at the heart of our values, and we are dedicated to understanding and mitigating our environmental and social impacts. We believe in responsible business practices and the positive influence we can have on the communities in which we operate. While we have yet to produce our formal sustainability report, we want to assure our stakeholders that this process is underway.

Serviced Apartment Industry Overview

Serviced Apartments are a relatively new player in the centuries old travel industry. The industry has grown over the last 30 years and has been successfully included in many corporate relocation programmes for several decades and shows no signs of stopping. The benefits of having additional and personal space provide travelling employees with a home away from home experience, whilst giving the freedom to make wellbeing focussed lifestyle choices.

Serviced Apartments are often found in residential developments in city centres. Often a provider will offer a range of properties in multiple locations across a single, or multiple regions. This has presented the industry with a challenge when it comes to sustainability reporting. Different buildings, with different consumptions, plus a complicated supply chain has presented difficulties not faced by the hotel industry, with everything based in one location.

It has long been our belief that serviced apartments do provide sustainability benefits over and above comparative hotel stays, however without being able to properly measure and record this. Over the last year, we have been gathering and recording our entire energy consumption and calculating our CO2e emissions.

Citystay Serviced Apartments vs Hotel Stay

The calculations show that on average a stay in a Citystay Serviced Apartment produces 79% less CO2e than a comparative hotel stay. This average is across our portfolio, but varies from Studio, One, Two and even Three Bedroom apartments as per the below table. The figures are in Kg CO2e. We have used the comparative figure for hotel stays taken from the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index, regarded as the most comprehensive available.

Citystay Serviced Apartments Future Commitment

Whilst this data shows that our apartments are on average a much more sustainable choice than hotels – we do not simply wish to stop here. Our environmental impact is key to our overall governance strategy and so from here we have set ourselves a target of reducing these figures by a further 75% within the next 5 years. Via guest and staff engagement, supply chain improvement and a commitment to using energy providers whereby 100% renewables are used – we believe we will achieve this goal.

Yours Faithfully,

Declan Fitzhenry
Managing Director – The Citystay Group